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Pictures of Flora in Colombia

All images are the property of Rhett A. Butler /, copyright 2007. contact me regarding use and reproduction.

These " Pictures of Flora in Colombia " were taken during a 2007 trip to Colombia.

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Honeycomb-shaped flower

Heliconia leaf

Red Heliconia with yellow and white blossoms

Heliconia in Santuario Ot�n Quimbaya

Red and yellow bromeliad

Pink bananas

Plant with red-edged leaves

Yellow and red flower with white buds

Brick red Heliconia

Red and yellow Heliconia

Closeup on leaves of a rainforest plant

Purple banana flower

Epiphytes in Santuario Ot�n Quimbaya

Red and yellow Heliconia in Colombia

Orchids growing up the trunk of a tree in a Colombian cloud forest

Tank bromeliad in a Colombian montane forest

Red and yellow brachts of a Heliconia in Colombia

Orange flowers

Cecropia tree

Philodendron in Colombia

Pink and yellow flowers

Bamboo forest in Colombia

Pink bromeliad flower

Green and purple orchid

Red bromeliad flower

Pink bromeliad flower

Protea flower

Green flowers

Orange-red tubular flower


Pink bromeliad flower


Purple and white bucket orchid

Bromeliad in the Amazon rain forest canopy

Bromeliads in the Amazon rain forest canopy

Red flowers of a bromeliad in the Amazon rainforest canopy

Victoria amazonica water lilies in the Amazon

White flower blossom of Victoria amazonica

Emerging Victoria amazonica leaf

Organic solar cell

Buttress roots of an Amazon rainforest tree

Leaf in the rainforest understory

Amazon water lilies in Colombia

Oxbow lake filled with Amazon water lilies in Colombia

New Victoria amazonica leaf

White Victoria amazonica flower

Red Heliconia

Red Heliconia

Umbrella leaf



Banana flower


Delicate heliconia

Young heliconia plant

Cousin it cactus

Unknown cactus

Unknown cactus

Miltoniopsis vexillaria orchid

White flower

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