Unidentified species - Panama

I have not been able to identify many of the creatures and plants that I have photographed -- can you help me identify the species? If so, please contact me.

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Thanks for your help! Arthropods

Leaf frog)

Crab at Culebra Point Marine Education Center)

Crab at Culebra Point Marine Education Center)

Black caterpillar with off-white stripes, yellow spines, and orange antenna)

Close up headshot of a green katydid in Panama)

Green caterpillar on a new red leaf)

Black caterpillar with off-white stripes and yellow spines)

Red insect with black legs)


Arachides toras caterpillar)

White moth)

Orange butterfly)

Bright green katydid)

Slightly translucent, green caterpillar on a red leaf in Panama)

Brown insect)

Brown insect (zoomed))

Green katydid on a white wall)

Heliconius caterpillar)

Moth chrysalis)

Green Arachides toras caterpillar munching on a leaf)

Heliconius butterfly)

White fly)

Glowing raspberry-colored dragonfly)

Yellow and black insect)

Butterflies mating)

Butterflies mating)

Blue butterfly)

Newly hatched caterpillars)

Newly hatched caterpillars)

Orange butterfly)

Butterflies mating)

Blue-winged dragonfly)

Small black beetle on Barro Colorado)

Brown insect)

Beetles mating)

Heliconius butterfly as viewed from above)

Moth caterpillar)



Red bird)

Yellow bird)

Pelican in flight)





Ringed fungi)


Tent-making bat under a palm leaf)

Tent-making bat in a folded palm fron)




Pair of deer in Panama)

Gray Squirrel)

Sea turtle)

Sea fish)


Red shrimp)

Red flower)


White flower in the forest canopy of Parque Natural Metropolitano)

White flower of a tropical forest canopy tree in Parque Natural Metropolitano)

Cauliflorous fruit and flowers in Panama)

Ficus tree)

Fruit growing from the base of a tree)


Male anole in Panama)

Panamanian Gecko)

Orange-headed lizard)

House gecko)

Panamanian Gecko (zoomed))

Orange-headed lizard)

Forest lizard)

River turtle)