Pterodictya reticularis latern fly. Identification courtesy of Garrett Herth, who said the following: 'Order: Hemiptera Family: Fulgoridae. Lantern flies are the most primitive form of cicadas and are not able to produce sound. Some species excrete a type of white wax from the rear of the abdomen which trails after them in long strings or bunches. The wax is secreted regularly and is eaten by certain species of small butterflies whose larvae live on the bodies of lantern flies. These insects have acquired the name lantern flies chiefly because of one particular species from South America, the Surinam lantern fly Fulgora laternaria, which was said to be able to give out light from the outgrowth on its head.'


Image ID: tambopata-Tambopata_1026_3867 | Year photographed: 2005

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