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Parque Nacional Pico Bonito is the largest protected area in Honduras after the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve. Spanning over 7800 feet (2400 meters) in elevation and capped by the 7900-foot-high (2435 m) Pico Bonito, the park ranges from humid tropical broadleaf forest to high cloud forests.

The park is perhaps the best place in Honduras to see endangered wildlife and is well known for its spectacular waterfalls.

Getting to Pico Bonito. Most travelers reach Pico Bonito by flying from San Pedro Sula (the commerical capital of Honduras) to La Ceiba. The park is just inland of La Ceiba.

Cacao Pod Cauliflorous

Cacao Pods

Lavender Flowers

Lip Flowers Bush

Lips Flower

Morning Glory Flower

Orange Flowers

Orange Fungi Fingers

Painted Leaf

Red Flowers

Seed Pod


Streambed Plants

Vines Butress Roots

Banana Leaf

Cojones De Toro

Creeping Vine



Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers

Purple White Flowers

Seed Pods


Wax Palm

Copan Epiphyte

Tree at Copan

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