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Honduras Insect Photos

Roughly 700 butterfly species are found in Honduras -- almost as many as are found in the entire United States. Honduran butterflies include: Owl's Eyes [Brassolidae], Milkweed Butterflies [Danaidae], Clear Wings [Ithomiidae], Heliconians [Heliconidae] Swallowtails [Papilionidae], Morphos [Morphidae], Skippers [Hesperiidae], Hairstreaks [Lycaenidae], Whites and Sulfurs [Pieridae], Brush-Footed [Nymphalidae], Metalmarks [Riodinidae], Castnids [Castniidae], and Snouts [Libytheidae]

Heliconius charitonius

Leaf Katydid

Leaf Moth

Praying Mantis


Ruins Moth

Caterpillar Swarm

Drowned Moth

Green Grasshopper

Melinea lilis [top]
Heliconia istmenius [bottom]

Melinea lilis [top]
Heliconia istmenius [bottom]

Heliconia istmenius

Lined Moth Print

Owl Butterfly Print

Biblis hyperia Butterfly

Nest Insect

Ruins Butterfly

Diathria astala

Blue Morpho [Morpho peleides]

Blue Morpho Caterpillar

Blue Morpho Caterpillar

Banana Flower Bee

Marpesia chiron

Anartia fatima

Orange Butterfly Vegetation

Orange Butterfly

Ant Hill Hole

Blue Morpho Wings Up

Biblis hyperia Butterfly


Heliconia melopomone

Red Flower

Papilio thoas

Papilio thoas




Hemipteran Bug

Wasp Nest Leaf

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