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Roatan, Honduras Photos

Roatan Island is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands -- measuring roughly 29 miles long and 4 miles wide. Roatan is best known for its fantastic reefs which make it one of the best snokeling and diving destinations in the Caribbean. The island features white sand beaches [West Bay], mangrove forests, and a thriving dive community.

Roatan Beach

Roatan Beach

Roatan Water

Roatan Beach

Roatan Beach

Roatan Dock

Roatan Forest Burning

Roatan Forest Burning

Roatan Water

Bay Islands

Roatan Bar

Roatan Beach

Roatan Mangroves

Roatan West End

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Roat�n [Wikipedia]:

Roat�n, located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja, is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands. It is approximately 60 kilometres long, and less than 8 kilometres wide at its widest point.

The capital and most populated town is Coxen Hole, located in the Southwest of the island. Other important towns include French Harbor and Oak Ridge.

Located near the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second largest worldwide after Australia's Great Barrier Reef), it has become an important cruising and diving destination in Honduras. Tourism is its most important economic sector, though fishing is also an important source of income for islanders.

In 1998, the island suffered considerable damage from Hurricane Mitch, temporarily paralyzing most commercial activity.

Tourism and environmental impact

While tourism has strongly contributed towards the economic development of the island, it has also altered Roatan's fragile ecosystem. Land clearing for the construction of residential complexes, as well as improper sewage and garbage disposal methods, have inflicted considerable damage to the island in a time span of less than a decade.

Several efforts by environmental organizations have helped to reduce the adverse environmental impacts. Still, the long-term success of these efforts is uncertain because the inflow of tourism is likely to increase with the completion of a new international airport in the neighboring island of Utila.


Although Spanish is spoken in mainland Honduras, the main language on the island is (creole) English,

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